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Adopt Cleo


Cleo is a 2 year old German Shepherd mix. She is young, smart, and high energy, and that makes her a great companion for a person who takes advantage of the great outdoors, including running, hiking, etc. Cleo also loves to play with toys. She does really well with kids, and will do great with children over 7 years old. With a smaller/younger child, Cleo may unintentionally knock over with her enthusiasm and she may mistake their toys for hers. At her age, she is very active. She would also do great at agility. Cleo needs a bit of basic training, but is a spectacular dog and since she is so smart, she would catch on very quickly. She loves car rides and adventures. She sits pretty and would love to learn more tricks and basic training. The family for Cleo, besides being a runner, would understand that she is a diamond in the rough, and with patience, training, and time, she will be like a fine wineľ impressive, refined, and appreciated... Click here for an adoption/foster form

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