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Adopt Kiwi


Kiwi is a 14 year old Chinese Crested mix. She is 5.5 lb, so pretty fragile. Kiwi likes to hang out, be held. She also likes car rides, so is a very versatile little one. Kiwi does great with other dogs that are small and not too energetic. We imagine cats would not be a problem. She is crate and house trained. Kiwi will fit into any household perfectly. Kiwi has something called Photophobia, which means she has seizure-like episodes when in bright light, including the sun. She blinks like she has something in her eye that she is trying to get out. She wears sunglasses and a hat, which has helped immensely. As long as she is not in bright light, she does not have these episodes. It is not like seizures that last long and are very violent, yet it is a neurological issues. Besides that, she has no other health issues. We hope you will take a moment to consider Kiwi as your best little buddy. Click here for an adoption/foster form Email us with questions at