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Adopt Nanna and Britanny

Nana Nanna - Is a black lab. She was 30lbs overweight at 80lbs, but we have been working on that and she is losing weight! She is a very loving girl and loves walks, but didn't have an opportunity to go on any for a very long time. She is on pain meds for her hips, but once she gets some weight off, she will feel much better. The shelter we got her from says she is 16, but our vet says 10-15.

BrittanyBrittany -Is an Aussie/Heeler mix, also 30lbs overweight at 70lbs. Brittany takes Thyroid meds daily and is a very happy girl. She likes to be where Nanna is, including going for walks. The vet confirms Brittany is 14-15 years old.

They are both spay, up to date on vaccinations, and heartworm negative. They were both dumped at a shelter 8 months ago by a man who said he has had them both since they were weeks old and he just doesn't want them anymore.
Again, they will only be placed together. They do not take a lot of time or energy. They just need someone who wants to brush them, love on them, and give them much less food than they have been having at the shelter for the last 8 months.

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