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Roo– Sweet Roo is around 11 years old.  She is blind and mostly deaf.  She has had a tough life of being an outside dog as an older dog, with no interaction whatsoever. She seems to have been withdrawn and turned inside to survive and all she did was sit and “stare.”  Since being at Lizzy’s, Roo is now using her nose, her brain, and her hearing. She now finds her food that is scattered on the floor and eats well. Roo is learning how to find her way to the back door and feel her way down the ramp. We are now working on her finding the ramp to go back in the house and she is learning how to feel her way up the ramp. She hears me when I call her name and tries to find me. She is an amazing little girl who weighs 14.6lbs. We would love a forever foster or a forever family for Roo who is patient and has time to spoil her.

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