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Adopt Zona

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Zona is a special LAH project. He is a 4 year old, 60lb Pit Bull mix. He is a fantastic dog! We can't wait till you meet him and you will find out how great he is.

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Most important to Zona is a family that loves him, and who wants to take him on car rides and for walks. He would do great with a family that loves to go hiking or enjoys the outdoors. He also excels at relaxing with the family. Mika does great with children over 10 years old, who are respective of animals.

The best home for Zona is with one other dog, no smaller than 20lbs, and definitely NO cats. Being the only dog would work for Zona, also.

Zona’s best friend is Liza, a Blue Lacy mix at LAH. They can be placed together since they are best buds.

Zona is such an awesome dog and deserves a chance at a great life.