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Adopt Trini and JT

Trini and JT

Looking for Fabulous Foster and Forever Family!Meet Trini (17 yrs old black dog) and JT (15 yrs old – brown dog). Trini and JT are the sweetest little standard sized Doxies ever. They are mother and son and are very bonded. They both loves to be held, but Trini seems more used to being held than JT, maybe because Trini is smaller and not a heavy as JT. The both ride well in the car and would love to go for slow, leisurely walks periodically. They mostly sleep. Neither are very motivated to go outside to do their business. They will let you know they have to go and go out happily, but are not bothered if they don’t make it out…. Neither are crate trained. JT is a barky boy and Trini is barky, but not as much. I think barkiness is a Doxie trait… Sleeping arrangements have changed – they both used to sleep in the living room, but Trini now sleeps with her foster mom and sleeps all the way through the night – otherwise she wakes up early morning barking incessantly…. This is a new trait and we feel at 17 years old, she deserves to have “the big bed.” Neither are on required meds, but we do a bit of low grade pain meds just due to their age and to help them move around a bit better. They are both very sweet dogs and would love a home of their very own. They are looking for foster or forever families. Click here for an adoption/foster form Email us with questions at