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November is Support a Senior Pup Month!

"Hello, Dollee!"Dolle

We know November is Adopt a Senior Pup Month, but we are making it more Lizzy's-specific and only asking for support for Dollee.

Every pup deserves help, but some need just a bit more than others. Meet sweet sweet Dollee. We love greeting her with, “Hello Dollee!!” Needless to say, she doesn’t get why this is entertaining to us…. She just knows she is safe and is getting help now.

Dollee’s story with Lizzy’s is short, but action packed! We received notification about an 11-year-old female Pittie who had two large masses - one between her legs and one on her hip. The shelter felt the masses were too large to be removed, so they were looking for a hospice…does Lizzy’s have room? Two days later Dollee was transported to Lizzy’s and, feeling her quality of life was severely compromised with these masses, a vet visit was scheduled for the next day. After a thorough exam, the vet cleared her schedule so she could focus on surgery for Dollee. The plan was: Remove both masses, spay, remove a mammary chain with small masses. A lofty goal, considering her age an questionable health, but we knew our vet would not jeopardize Dollee’s health or life.

Surgery did not go as hoped/planned. Dollee’s blood pressure fluctuated too much, so the vet could only remove the mass between her legs without putting her in danger. Sadly, but no unexpected, it was a Sarcoma mass weighing 8.6 lbs -- nearly 20% of her body weight!!

Due to the complexity of the surgery in having to untangle the “fingers” of the mass from Dollee's muscles and other internal parts, there was a lot of blood loss, so she needed to stay overnight at the clinic for observation and to monitor the three drain tubes (which produced a slow-moving stream the first 24 hours).

When we picked Dollee up from the clinic, we were greeted by a happy, waggy-tailed pup. One week after surgery she had drain tubes removed and one week after that she had “stem to stern” staples removed. Lots of care and vet visits for a two-week time span.



Dollee did so well recovering from surgery, she can have the second surgery as early as December, which will include: Removal of the mass on her hip, spay, and mammary chain removal. Dollee’s emergency surgery and follow-up care cost $3,000, which depleted Lizzy's funds to near zero. The estimate for the upcoming surgery is $2,500. We will need to replenish the $3,000 and fundraise the additional $2,500 earmarked specifically for Dollee before we are able to schedule her next/last surgery.

We know some will be scratching their heads and asking themselves “why in the world would they spend that kind of money on a dog, much less one who is older, has cancer, and may be around for another year, if that long? Why don’t they support dogs who are healthier and have a better chance at a longer life?”

We simply respond: “Because Dollee deserves as much of a chance as any other pup, and that is what we plan to give her…. A CHANCE NOBODY ELSE WOULD.” Typically, when we get notified of a needy senior pup, we tell them to “use Lizzy’s as a last resort” and their response is “we have tried, but s/he has medical issues and no other rescue will take her/him,” and those are the Lizzy’s pups.

Any amount you can donate to help Lizzy's with Project Dollee is much appreciated. As mentioned above... we will need to replenish the $3,000 and fundraise the additional $2,500 before we are able to schedule Dollee's next/last surgery.

If you would ask your friends and those on social media to donate to Lizzy’s to help Dollee, that would be spectacular. It will take those who care and understand why we do what we do to help us continue our mission by donating and spreading the word.

Thank you for your continued support of Lizzy's and our sweet pups.

We have photos of Dollee from before surgery and directly after surgery if you are interested. FOREWARNING: Some photos may be a bit much to look at. click here. 


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